Dates and Destinations for my Coaching retreats! 

***Punta Mita, Mexico February 11-21, 2023*** // FULL

***Punta Mita, Mexico February 27 - March 6, 2023*** // 6 Spots available

***Tofino BC, Canada May 7-13*** // 4 Spots available 

A goal of mine is to travel around the world to the best surf spots and bring along a crew of like minded, stoked individuals that want to share good waves and progress with their SUP Surfing!!

Each camp is an all inclusive affair. My goal is that you arrive to camp and only need to worry about your surfing progression!! I am looking to host you in the most ideal locations alongside local guides I have connected with and to offer a truly unique coaching experience. With local knowledge and high caliber coaching I guarantee you leave camp a more advanced surfer! 

Shelter is important, the houses we stay in will offer everything we need. Comfortable beds, shower, wifi, etc..   Rooms can be shared or single occupancy, this is 2 different prices and depending on camp group size the prices will vary for each. I personally like smaller groups which allows me to give everyone a good amount of attention. Max 8 people 

You will not be hungry!! With all of my camp experience I know how important the fuel for our sessions is and the food to help with recovery. Keeping it true to the destination the aim is sourcing the best local ingredients and staying true to the areas cuisine all while making sure you are getting the proper nutrition along the way. 

Equipment is up to you! Bring your own board or We will have equipment for you supplied by local shops. I can not guarantee the best gear possible but we can ease your stresses of traveling with your own boards. I can promise to help your progression on whatever board you are on. 

COACHING!! I will help point you in the right direction to your next phase of surfing. We have chosen one of the hardest sports to progress in but I know with the appropriate goals set and intentional surfs we can get you moving to where you want to be! With every session being filmed then properly broken down afterwards you will be able to see your own patterns and gain a broader understanding of what is currently happening with your surfing and what adjustments nee to be made. 

Pricing varies for each camp. Please contact me for more information. Stoked to hear from you!!! 

Lets Level UP!!!!